About Us

2buy.ee – is an e-shop, where You save Your time and money.

Why choose 2Buy?

1) Huge range of products, comfortable searching system and ordering system. Please check our product catalogue!

2) Safe place to buy. Our Customers can perform safe payments using ESTO Pay services. If needed there is an opportunity to pick ESTO hire-purchase (loan).

3) Warranty and returning possibility according to Estonian government laws. Please check our Terms and Conditions! Delivery is provided by DPD Group and Itella

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Additional information

The e-store owner is A-Art OÜ company from Tallinn, Estonia. Our customer support is always ready to assist You and help with product provision. Please contact us via email, call or using the contact form. 

Company contact details:

  • Company name: 2Buy OÜ
  • Registration number: 16453169
  • Location: Tallinn, Estonia
  • Support: (+372) 51 921 400 – Viber, Whatsapp, Email: info@2buy.ee