Fujiiryoki JP2000


Fujiiryoki JP2000

The Fujiiryoki JP2000 is the world’s most technologically advanced massage chair, embodying the pioneering vision of massage promoted by Japanese inventor of massage chairs. It is the first massage chair to employ the artificial intelligence algorithm that allows the massage to adapt to individual muscles’ tension. The massage is performed in one of 45 massage techniques with the possibility of 7-level adjustment of intensity. A multitude of innovative massage mechanisms, such as double scanning, deep muscle massage, roller foot massage or body stretching programme contribute to its perfect character and extraordinary precision. In addition, the airbag system, heating of the waist area or, if required, the abdomen, and the flat position, which resembles the sleeping position, add to the overall feeling of relaxation. The prestige of the massage chair is further emphasised by its design, refined to the smallest detail, subtle colouring and outstanding quality of workmanship, which all highlight its exclusive character. In conclusion, the Fujiiryoki JP2000 is a top-of-the-range model which provides a professional and perfectly tuned massage.

Key features of Fujiiryoki JP2000

  • 23 automatic programmes and as many as 45 manual techniques plus the possibility to adjust their intensity in 12 levels.
  • Artificial Intelligence algorithm – the multidimensional, deep and precise movements of the massaging arms closely mimic the movements of the human hand.
  • AI scanning – accurately detects the position and shape of the spine, thus innovatively adjusting the massage to its needs.
  • Roller foot massage – foot massage performed with uniquely designed rollers will relieve you of any accumulated tension in no time.
  • Body stretching – 3 types of stretching with the use of airbags and special positioning of the chair will help you to relax your body, stretch your muscles and energise you.

Additional technical details for Fujiiryoki JP2000

Maximum user height- 195 cm

Acceptable user weight – 150 kg

Dimensions in sitting position – 75 x 117 x 137 cm (W x H x L)

Dimensions in the horizontal position – 75 x 73 x 195 cm (W x H x L)

Dimensions of the box – 92 x 93 x 136 cm (W x H x L)

Seat width – 42 cm

Available colours – black, brown, beige

Overall weight – 78 kg

Power consumption – 130 W

Weight 78 kg
Dimensions 92 × 93 × 136 cm