Intelligent vacuum cleaner / cleaning robot Midea i5C

In the box

  • Cleaning robot
  • User Manual
  • Remote control
  • x2 battery
  • Side brushes x2
  • mop holder
  • x2 mopping pad
  • cleaning brush
  • backup filter
  • docking station
  • power cord


Midea i5C Cleaning Robot

Forget about time-consuming vacuuming and mopping! The i5C will do it for you. This Midea device has both vacuuming and mopping functions. The suction power of 4000 Pa allows you to effectively get rid of dirt, and the clever design of the water tank prevents it from leaking. It also comes with a remote control for convenient operation. 3 modes and 4 levels of suction will allow you to adjust the robot’s performance to your own needs. You can also control the robot via app.

Remote control included

Don’t have your phone with you but want to turn on your robot? No problem! The kit comes with a remote control, with which you can control the device, check the mode or set the schedule. See for yourself!

G-SLAM Navigation

The cleaning robot from Midea moves around your home with ease. This is possible thanks to the G-SLAM navigation system. The i5C plans cleaning routes without skipping spots or repeating cleaning in the same place. Equipped with smart sensors, it avoids obstacles and falls. It can remember the plan of several floors, which allows it to be used in larger homes as well.

3 cleaning modes

The device is equipped with 3 modes of operation, so you can adjust its performance to suit your needs. ECO mode with 600 Pa suction power quickly and effectively removes dust and fine debris. The standard mode (1200 Pa) is suitable for hair and fur. And the turbo mode offers suction power of up to 4000 Pa, which will thoroughly collect larger debris, for example, crumbs.

Effectively gets rid of dirt

The cleaning robot has a brushless motor with a suction power of 4000 Pa. This effectively removes various types of debris, for example, hair, hair, crumbs or dust. The included accessories make vacuuming easier and the 3-stage filtration eliminates dust and some allergens.

Mopping function

Put down the regular mop and let the floors get cleaned for you! With an electronic pump, the mopping function can start automatically when the mop pad is attached. The i5C can also be used by larger homeowners, as the water tank holds 450ml of water.

Customize its operation to your own needs

The device has 3 mopping modes, which you can use depending on how dirty the surface is. Use the ZIGZAG mode for everyday cleaning and SPOT mode for stubborn stains. And EDGE mode will thoroughly clean the surfaces along the edges.

Up to 140 minutes of operation

With a 2600 mAh battery, the i5C can run for up to 140 minutes on a single charge. This translates to about 120 m² of clean space. What’s more, if the device is low on charge during operation, the robot will find its own way to the charging station.

Moves freely around the apartment

The height of the robot is only 8.3 cm, so it can easily clean even the spaces under furniture. The robot easily overcomes obstacles that do not exceed 18 mm, for example, carpets or thresholds. High-quality casters finished with PVC material make it even easier to move around the apartment. In addition, the device operates quite quietly at around 67 dB, so its noise will not bother you.

Control via app

For even greater comfort of use, the device works with an app, also available in Polish. Thanks to that you can conveniently select i5C modes, cleaning time, set the suction power or water dosage. You can also turn on the schedule, so that the robot starts cleaning at a time chosen by you.

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Brand Midea
Model i5 C
Suction power up to 4000 Pa
Battery capacity 2600 mAh, 37.44 Wh
Dimensions 340 x 340 x 83 mm
Weight 4 kg
Rated power 55 W
Charging time about 3-4 hours
Working time about 90-120 minutes
Noise level about 68 dB