Kyvol E31 smart vacuum cleaner / cleaning robot


  • Cleaning robot (dust bin included)
  • Charging station + power adapter
  • Remote control + AAA batteries
  • Water tank with washable mopping cloth
  • Spare washable mopping cloth
  • Side brush x2
  • Spare HEPA filter + Sponge
  • Magnetic strip and adhesive pads
  • Cleaning brush
  • User manual
  • Quick Start
  • User guide for KYVOL app


Kyvol E31 intelligent cleaning robot

The Kyvol E31 cleaning robot will not only vacuum your floor, but also wet mop it. Its advanced Gyroptic navigation system and built-in infrared sensors allow it to move freely and efficiently around your rooms. The robot works for up to 2.5 hours on a single charge, so it is also perfect for large homes. With a suction power of 2200Pa effectively vacuums garbage. Want more? Pair the E31 with Kyvol app! With it, you can remotely control the device and change the settings. Moreover, thanks to its compatibility with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, you can control the robot by voice. With just a few words, it will start cleaning your home!


Optimally scheduled cleaning and long working time

The advanced Gyroptic navigation system has made it possible to increase the vacuum cleaner’s efficiency by almost 30%. The E31 carefully scans each space, creates a real-time map of it (also available in the app) and plans the cleaning in such a way as to perfectly clean the floors in the shortest possible time. The robot moves back and forth along a zigzag-shaped route, giving you the confidence that it won’t skip any area. The working time of the device is up to 150 minutes, which means that it can thoroughly clean floors of up to 250m2. Once the battery is low, the E31 will automatically return to the docking station to regain power.


Deals with dirt perfectly

But that’s not the end of the E31’s benefits! This unique robot features a suction power of up to 2200Pa and a 3-stage cleaning system. It systematically collects, lifts and then sucks up all the waste. Crumbs, dust, flour spills and even hair and fur can be handled without any problem. What’s more, it intelligently detects carpets and optimally adjusts the suction power to them. Robot supports 3 cleaning modes, so you can adjust its operation to your expectations or the degree of soiling of the floor. Auto mode is perfect for everyday use. Working in Edge mode, the device accurately cleans the edges and corners of the room. Spot mode is suitable for particularly dirty areas. The waste tank has a capacity of 600ml, so you don’t have to worry about emptying it too often.


Washes floors for you

The Kyvol E31 also offers a mopping function. It is equipped with a 300ml water tank, so it can thoroughly clean floors even in larger homes. The mopping pad has been designed in such a way that it can clean even extremely stubborn stains. What’s more, the water pump is electrically controlled, allowing you to choose from 3 water volume levels and adjust the E31’s performance to your current needs.


The perfect robot for everyone

Thanks to many sensitive sensors, the robot finds its way very well indoors. It detects obstacles and depending on their height it overcomes or avoids them. It can also clean the floor near the stairs without the risk of falling. In the set you will also find magnetic strips which you can use to mark forbidden zones for the robot. When E31 detects them, it will move in a different direction. Take advantage of this option if you don’t want the device to have access to certain areas. Also, the height of about 72mm means that the robot will easily fit under a bed or couch.

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Brand Kyvol
Model E31
Input DC 19V 0.6A
Power consumption 28W
Battery type DC 14.4V, Li-ion
Battery capacity 3200mAh
Charging time 6-6.5h
Suction power Level 1: 600Pa; Level 2: 1000Pa; Level 3: 2200Pa
Capacity of waste tank 600ml
Water tank capacity 300ml
Cleaning time Up to 150 minutes (Auto mode, minimum suction power, on hard floors, with fully charged battery)
Charging station input/output DC 19V 0.6A