Smartwatch Colmi P8 Mix

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Colmi P8 Mix smartwatch

Find out that a successful combination of smart solutions and stylish design is possible! Colmi P8 Mix smartwatch looks really great and thanks to many useful functions it can make your life much easier. Its comfortable operation allows you to use a colorful, touch screen 1.69″. Get access to the most important information at your fingertips and take care of your health with several sports modes and monitoring of heart rate, blood pressure and sleep. The durable battery provides up to 7 days of battery life.


Schedule your next workout with Colmi

Want to plan your next workout even better? The Colmi P8 Mix will help you! The smartwatch counts calories, measures distance traveled and monitors heart rate in real time. It also offers several sports modes such as running, cycling, skipping, soccer and swimming, among others. Choose the right sport for you and start exercising – with Colmi you can keep track of your progress and set goals to achieve!


Keep your finger on the pulse

Take care of your health and gain the ability to react quickly to any worrying symptoms. The Colmi P8 Mix smartwatch is equipped with an optical sensor and an intelligent algorithm that allows you to accurately measure your heart rate even around the clock. The device can also measure blood pressure and blood oxygen levels. Convenient access to the stored data is given to you by the app. Take advantage of this opportunity to get to know your body even better and improve its fitness!


Sleep monitoring

Have you been having trouble sleeping? Can’t remember the last time you got a decent night’s sleep? Colmi P8 Mix can help you! The smartwatch offers a sleep monitoring function – it recognizes the phases of sleep and measures the duration of each of them, checks its quality and tracks the conditions in which you sleep, to then generate reports full of useful information. By analyzing the data collected in this way, you can easily identify and eliminate possible bad habits, so you can start getting enough sleep again!


Everything important is at your fingertips

Don’t miss any more important information. Pair your smartwatch with your phone to receive all notifications instantly. Is someone calling you? You can reject the call from the P8 Mix display if necessary. The device also works with popular apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, SMS, Twitter and Wechat. This way, you will instantly get all the notifications and messages whose content is displayed on the smartwatch screen. Now all you have to do is lift your wrist!


The perfect complement to any outfit

This unique smartwatch will not only make your life easier, but also perfectly complement any styling. Colmi P8 Mix impresses with its classic, minimalist design. You can also customize its look yourself. The skin-friendly silicon strap can be easily removed and replaced. Experiment, mix styles and enjoy the elegant accessory on your wrist! Please note: the set includes a smartwatch with one type of strap – others can be purchased separately.


Durable battery

Take your smartwatch to work, on trips, workouts, mountain expeditions or bike rides without worry – a dead battery won’t ruin your plans! With normal daily use, the Colmi P8 Mix can last for about 5-7 days on a single charge. However, this is not the end of surprises! In standby mode, the smartwatch lasts up to 20 days. So you do not have to worry that it will refuse to serve you in the least expected moment!


Fearless of water drops

What else makes the P8 Mix smartwatch so great for everyday use? IP67 water resistance! You don’t have to take it off your wrist when it’s raining, you’re going for an intensive workout or you want to wash the dishes – raindrops, sweat or accidental splashing are no longer a threat. At the same time, the smartwatch is incredibly light, thin and comfortable, yet damage-resistant and durable – so you can wear it in almost any situation.

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Brand Colmi
Model P8 Mix
Color Gold
Display 1,69″, touch, TFT, IPS, 240RGBx280px
Display Cover Glass
Bluetooth version 5.1
Range Up to 10m
Chip GR5515
Flash memory RAM 256KB, ROM 128MB
Battery type Lithium-polymer
Battery Capacity 180mAh
Charging 2-pin magnetic cable
Charging time About 2h
Operating time About 5-7 days
Operating time in standby mode About 20 days
Water resistance IP67
Material Zinc alloy + PC
Weight 45g
Dimensions 43.4×37.4×8.5mm
Strap Silicone, detachable
Strap width 20mm
Strap length 95/121mm
Application Da Fit
Supported systems Android 4.4 (or above), iOS 8.0 (or above)
Updates OTA