Yunmai Massage Gun SE MV-FG-0308

In the box

  • Massage gun
  • Round head
  • Flat head
  • U-shaped head
  • Bullet head
  • Charging base


Yunmai SE Massager

You no longer have to waste time and money on visits to a massage parlor. Now you can provide yourself with dream relaxation in your own home! The Yunmai SE massager will support your body in the recovery process after an intensive workout. It offers as many as 5 speeds to choose from and reaches even deep muscles. Just 10 minutes of massage is enough! A durable battery ensures long operation time, and the included base enables quick, wireless charging of the device. See how close you are to the relaxation of your dreams!


5 speeds to choose from

The Yunmai SE massager can work the way you want it to. The innovative dual massage mode allows you to adjust the speed in 5 stages between 1800-3200 revolutions per minute. This makes it easy to adjust the frequency and intensity of vibrations to your expectations. But that’s not all! The device offers smart and fitness modes, which means that it will prove useful in various applications. Muscle relaxation after training? Or maybe a daily, relaxing massage? The SE will certainly not disappoint you!


Intelligent massage mode

Professional massage at your home? Now it’s possible! The Yunmai SE massager offers an intelligent mode that is perfect for everyday use. The device simulates professional massage techniques, working with varying strengths to effectively reduce muscle pain and provide the relaxation you desire. It easily adapts to different users’ needs, which means it can provide you with the optimal experience.


Professional Fitness Mode

Do you regularly attend training sessions? Do you happen to do extremely demanding exercises? Professional fitness mode will be perfect for you! SE massager will allow you to reduce the level of lactic acid in your muscles, which often appears as a result of intense anaerobic training. The device also effectively reduces fatigue and shortens the recovery time after exercise. Now you can beat new records without fear!


4 massage heads included

Take care of every muscle group. The set includes 4 massage heads made of soft, skin-friendly, pleasant-to-touch plastic. Flat one allows you to relax and model different parts of the body. The round one is suitable for massaging the back, shoulders, thighs and other large muscle groups. The U-shaped head allows for effective massage of the neck, Achilles tendons and both sides of the spine. The bullet-like tip will work well for deep tissues, such as the hands.


All it takes is 10 minutes

To effectively relax your muscles and eliminate pain, you only need 10 minutes of massage. Using the SE massager, however, you don’t have to watch the time! The device has been equipped with an intelligent protection system that will allow you to avoid massaging the same parts of the body for too long and thus possibly damaging tissues or bones. After 10 minutes of uninterrupted operation, the product will automatically stop working. Yunmai ensures not only an effective massage, but also a safe use!


Reliable performance

What makes the Yunmai SE massager so powerful and effective? The device is equipped with a specially designed dual-bearing brushless motor that runs at up to 3200rpm. This allows it to reach deep muscles up to 10mm in no time. The Yunmai SE ensures quick recovery by stimulating circulation and making lactic acid be carried away to the lymph nodes along with the blood. At the same time, the massager works extremely quietly – its volume level is only about 45dB.


Long runtime

The massager is equipped with a durable 2900mAh battery that provides a surprisingly long run time. Fully charged it can serve you for up to 84 days, assuming that you spend about 10 minutes a day massaging. You will also find a practical base in the set, which allows you to store the device and charge it wirelessly at the same time. Its non-slip surface provides the massager with stability and protects it from falling.


Ergonomic design

The Yunmai SE massager will provide you with unparalleled comfort. Its ergonomic handle fits perfectly in your hand and does not slip out. The wireless design of the device makes you free from limiting your freedom of cables. The product weighs only 0.84kg, so you do not have to worry about fatigue when using it. The massager looks really great – its minimalist, classic design is likely to appeal to many users.

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Brand Yunmai
Name YUNMAI Fascia Massage Gun SE
Model MV-FG-0308
Weight 0.84kg
Input voltage 100-240V 50/60Hz
Interface DC 19V-1A
Battery capacity 2900mAh
Charging time About 4h
Battery Li-ion
Operating temperature 0-40°C
Dimensions 179x60x236mm
Recommended user age Adults over 18 years of age (except pregnant women)